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Different properties of glass glue product price comparative analysis

1. Acid glass glue: lowest average price glass glue, also the easiest to buy.Acid glass glue is mainly used for general bonding between glass and other building materials.Its outstanding characteristic is after opening obvious pungent smell, its cure time is short, usually about 2 hours on the surface can be completely dry, 24 hours after the complete cure.Its viscosity is silicone gum (glass glue) in the strongest.Acid glass glue is corrosive and will corrode the coating on the back of the mirror, so it should not be used to paste the mirror.Due to good sealing, usually used for sealing edge, leakage, etc.


2. Neutral glass glue: neutral glass glue overcomes the characteristics of acid glass glue corroding metal materials and alkaline materials, so the scope of application of neutral glass glue is wider.Neutral glue does not have pungent smell, glue gives a person more comfortable feeling.The curing time of neutral glass glue is slightly longer. Generally, the surface is dry for 3-4 hours and completely solidifies after 48 hours.


3. Nail-free adhesive: strong adhesive force, and will not cause corrosion to the building materials, can be used as a binder for most materials.Nailing - free adhesive curing time is basically the same as neutral adhesive.Because cost is higher, decorate a company commonly and processing plant won't choose this kind of gum.Avoid nail glue to suit stickup area is bigger, quality is heavier article more, the majority that the life that occupy the home needs stickup is lightsome article, the advantage of avoid nail glue cannot manifest apparently.In addition, nailing adhesive seal and water resistance is not good, so can not be used to do kitchen and bathroom sealant.

Product price comparative analysis

1. Acid glass glue is the one with the lowest average price among all glass glue.Because acid glass glue opens after very strong pungent taste, and acid glass glue has strong acidity, have very strong causticity, have bigger malpractice relatively, and also be a kind of glass glue that is more dangerous.Care must also be taken to prevent corrosion when using, so the average price of acid glass glue will be lower.

2. Compared with neutral glass glue and acidic glass glue of the same brand and the same series, neutral glass glue is generally about 3-4 yuan more expensive than acidic glass glue.Because neuter glass glue overcame acid glue to corroded the defect of material easily, and neuter glass glue also won't resemble the pungent odour of acid glass glue.Neutral glass glue can be said to avoid all the main disadvantages of acidic glass glue, so the price of neutral glass glue will be more expensive than the price of acidic glass glue.

3. Nail free adhesive can be regarded as the enhanced version of neutral glass adhesive. Due to different manufacturing processes, it combines the advantages of acidic glass adhesive and neutral glass adhesive, so it has a higher production cost and a higher price.

Glass glue different characteristics determine their different prices, the better the price is higher.The glass glue that we often use is also needed because of its various characteristics.Everybody must distinguish when choose and buy, if want to stick alkalescent material so must not use acid glass glue to wait for these problems