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The characteristics of glass glue industry were analyzed by cleaning method

Glue can be seen everywhere in decorating in the home, glass glue is a kind of one-component elastic acid type RTV silicone sealant, silicone rubber as main raw materials, adding reinforcing agent, crosslinking agent, antioxidant, promoting agent, plasticizer, etc., with advanced technology of synthetic type one-component room temperature vulcanized (RTV) sealant, atmospheric aging resistant performance is good.From four cleaning methods to analyze the characteristics of glass adhesive industry.


Glass glue cleaning method 1

Glass glue industry analysis, because when we decorate is busy, may be a lot of the time we don't know them have glue on the glass, so when we found that the glass glue has been cured, if glass glue attached on the goods such as ceramic, glass, metal, the less we can directly use scraper scrape, more than the amount when we can use banana oil or a particular detergent to scrub.


Glass glue cleaning method 2

Glass glue industry analysis, if the glass glue solidified in hand, you must calm, this method of handling 123 feng aluminum aluminum processing plant is very simple, in general, glass glue stick is not strong in hand, so, we only need to push each other between your hands rub can just have a few times, and then clean with clear water just what problem all have no.


Glass glue cleaning method 3

Sometimes when we accidentally touch glass glue, we may find it timely. Because the glass glue is not solidified, we can directly use water washing. Of course, we must ensure that the objects contaminated with glass glue can be washed.Glass glue industry characteristics analysis, this is a simple way to clean glass glue, so we must pay special attention to the operation, once touched immediately to clean.


Glass glue cleaning method 4

Glass adhesive industry characteristics analysis, the surface of aluminum processing if the plane of the glass glue curing are in hard glass, it is ok, as long as with art design knife but if is on wooden furniture, cannot use scraping knife, in addition to use the brush but, if the effect is poorer, the choice of the banana oil to wipe, and efforts to appropriate, don't be ruined by the furniture.