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What properties should glass glue look for?How should glass glue be removed

One--What properties should glass glue look for




Choose sealant mainly look at a few properties: 1, fracture strength (tensile force/cross-sectional area);2. Bonding strength (tensile force/bonding area, except the substrate damage);Elongation at break (length at break/original length);4. Anti-aging ability;Appearance (sub-luminosity, particles, bubbles);Vi. Type retention (no drawing, no sagging of the facade);Seven, shelf life;Viii. Curing timeGlass glue does not have the cent of good or bad, performance correspondence price, suit better.Secondly, there is stability and sufficient or not, this is the test of manufacturers.If the sealant capacity and the standard capacity is less (note: is the capacity.Sealant of this kind of situation is very serious), such sealant is eliminated above all, such enterprise management idea has a problem, the product is no better.(many also have problems, proving that the production process of their products is not strictly controlled).If the amount of large need to consider the production stability of sealant.


Two--How does glass glue remove





1. When acidic glass glue is not cured, no matter it is glued on human body, utensils or clothes, it cannot be removed by washing with water, and dry cloth should be used to wipe it off.

2, have is already solidified glass glue, this glass glue is extremely difficult to remove.If already cured glass attached to the body of the article such as glass, ceramic, metal, can consider is swabbed with the solvent such as xylene, acetone, if you don't know the two substances, can consider to banana oil, because the banana water containing the two substances), if less dependent on the article such as glass curing glue, also can consider to use a spatula to scrape.If it's attached to your clothes, consider using a brush. If not, consider banana water.

3. there is a case that the glass is glued to the hand and solidified, this case need not worry, treatment is very simple.After glass glue solidifies, stick not firm hand, rub each other with both hands so a few times can be cleared.