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HS-520 Neutral Silicone Weather Resistant Adhesive

Item No.:1652653
Suitable for all kinds of curtain wall weatherproof seal

National structural silicone sealant production and sales qualification certification
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CAS No.:9009-54-5 

Other Names:Silicone Sealant


EINECS No.:210-898-8

Place of Origin:China

Classification:Hot Melt Adhesives

Main Raw Material:Silicone

Usage:Construction, Packing, Transportation, Woodworking


Model Number:520

Product name:Silicone Sealant Glue

Application:Sealing Construction

Keywords:Silicone Selant




Shelf life:12months

Appearance:Smooth Paste

Construction environment and safety requirements:

Various silicone gels are subject to the following restrictions when used: a) it is not easy to construct in the place where water is soaked for a long time;B) silicone rubber is not compatible with oil, plasticizer or solvent;C) frosted or wet surface is not easy to construct;D) it is not easy to construct in a completely sealed place (only for one-component silicone rubber);E) the surface of the substrate is not clean or the interface is not firm (displacement is too large).F) the surface temperature of the substrate is too high or too low (the normal sizing temperature should be between 5and 40)

Construction method:
1 carefully remove grease, the joint surface of the dust and water vapor and other pollutants, using organic solvent to make the surface clean and dry.
2 cover the adjacent surface with adhesive tape, so that after finishing, cleaning.
3 cut the rubber mouth at the desired width and carefully apply the glue gun to ensure that the glue is in close contact with the base material.